About Us

IMG_7176_2Pastor Dan Runcorn has been a pastor in this area of  upstate New York since moving here in 1986. My wife Donna has worked at Bassett Health care as a nurse for more than 20 years. I founded the Church Referral Network in 1999, working with other pastors, with response advertising on Christian Radio Stations. The commercial message enabled new people to the area in finding a bible believing church of their choice.

It was also in 1999 that Pastor Runcorn received, “The Seven Pillars for the Local Church.” This tool is given to help new pastors build the ministry of the local church, in a simple clear picture for all to comprehend. It is also a great tool for church leaders in assessing their purpose and assignment in God’s local church.

Licensed in the Methodist Church in 1986, ordained in the American Baptist Churches in 1997, a master of divinity degree from Denver Colorado in 1987. Pastor Dan Runcorn has been Spirit filled speaking in unknown tongues since 1979. Our vision for ministry today is to equip believers to fulfill their destiny — fulfilling their God given assignment in the body of Christ and, living the abundant life.